IF Comics

‘Imagining Futures Comics (IF Comics)’ is a pilot research project to create digital comics/zines about sensitive mental health issues through peer-design with, by and for young people, together with psychologists and comic artists. The initial project is funded by the Maudsley Charity in London and delivered in partnership with BeyondText. It aims to improve communication and support about self-harming in youth. The project is a prototype for a replicable trauma-informed approach to the co-production of comics about mental health issues, drawing on comics’ ability to represent trauma.

The Team

The project is co-produced with by and for young people with experience of self-harming, together with:

  • Hanna Gwynn, Comic Artist
  • Janine Jennings, Assistant Psychologist
  • Emily Oliver, BeyondText Director
  • Dr Lindsay Smith, Clinical Psychologist, affiliated with:

Funded by

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